Thesis 2: Image Cluster Critique

This week I expanded my cluster and tried to focus on a small problem. After a discussion with two classmates, I got some ideas.

They can see my focus.

It lacks some pictures showing the user interface of the robot.

“Find the lost partner.”
Caring for the elderly living alone.

They think I want to do something based on the swarm robot.

They suggested that I focus on exploring things that humans can’t do, instead of using robots to repeat tasks that humans can accomplish with their hands.

Watch the movie “Love death and robots”.

Interview children and focus on remote play.

Explore the application of swarm robots in children’s education.

For example, a playhouse lets children remotely control their robots to play remotely.

Combining with AR.

I have not yet completed the task of communicating with strangers, and I intend to complete it tomorrow morning.