Something changed in my ideation

Last week we did a brainstorm regarding our idea, I did this with Brenda and Ku and they gave me very valuable ideas.

I learned a lot from those discussions, and finally, I formed my new idea.

This week I expanded my cluster and tried to focus on a small problem. After a discussion with two classmates, I got some ideas.

What can they tell about your ideas so far from what they can see?

They can see my focus.

Does your blog post have too few images or not enough descriptive text?

It lacks some pictures showing the user interface of the robot.

What do the images make the other person think of? Do any different ideas pop up?

“Find the lost partner.”
Caring for the elderly living alone.

Without further explanation, what would they think you are interested in? What would they think you are passionate about?

Use swarm robots to generate new forms of interaction

Swarm robots have great potential in many fields. It can reflect the graphical interface in reality. Swarm robots provide solutions to problems that are difficult for children to understand, such as the formation of collective decisions making and the structure of multi-line stories.

Through the summer internship, I found that…

A game to remind people to take precautions during COVID-19

This week I refine the interface of my game, they go like this:

I took my laptop to my community and found someone jogging, I ask him to play my simple prototype, through this test, I found this game is simple enough for everyone to play, but because the completeness…

A game to remind people to take precautions during COVID-19

“The fear of the unknown is possibly the most fundamental fear of human beings”

“We believe that ‘there’s a predictable universe’ and order in which things should happen, and fear and anxiety really run hand-in-hand: The more things are uncertain, the more we’re going to fear, and the more we…


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